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Pay in 3 installments without charge

With Scalapay's payment option, we offer our customers the option to pay their order in 3 equal interest-free monthly installments for more flexibility and security. Here are some FAQs about this payment option:

What is the minimum order amount for the Scalapay 3-payment option?

Payment in 3 times free of charge with Scalapay is available from 0 euro minimum purchase. You can use it today to finance your next order.

How does Scalapay work?

Once your loan has been approved by Scalapay, we will send you monthly reminders with your payment amount and due date. You can also view your loan balance and payment schedule at any time in the My Account section.

What credit cards are accepted?

For payment in 3 times free of charge, we accept payment by Visa, CB, Mastercard, American Express. 

  • Attention: the payment in 3 times free of charge, does not take into account the following bank cards:  

  • Cards with systematic authorization (Electron, Maestro, Nickel etc.) as well as blue e-cards, Indigo cards are not accepted.

In addition, your card must be issued by a French bank and its validity period must cover the entire duration of the financing.

How does payment in 3 times without charge work?

Payment in several times is presented as a means of payment at the time of payment of the order. When you select the free 3X payment method on, you will be automatically redirected to a specific payment page where you will need to enter your credit card information and complete a request form. Once the form is completed and validated, our payment provider Scalapay receives your financing request and reviews it. This takes a maximum of one day. The order can then take the following statuses:

  • Pending: The file is awaiting acceptance. OK: Payment is accepted. KO: Transaction declined. This usually means that a risk has been detected. You then receive an email announcing the refusal.

Okay, my payment is accepted, what does that mean?
  • Once the payment is accepted, Scalapay credits the total amount of the transaction directly to the Scalapay, on the other hand, is responsible for recovering the monthly payments and covering all costs in the event of an unpaid payment.

How much does it cost me to pay in 3 times at no cost?

No additional charges are added to the amount of your order, as long as you honour the terms of your payment.

In fact, if one or more of the monthly payments are not paid within the specified repayment periods, you will be charged late fees.

You are also notified by SMS or E-mail a few days before the due date of each debit by Scalapay.

How much is the late fee?

In the event of a late or failed PAD, you have 24 hours to settle your payment. Otherwise, you will be charged a late fee: 

  1. Payment made on the due date: No extra charge! 
  2. Payment made more than 24 hours late: up to 6 euros in additional fees.
  3. Payment made more than 9 days late: 6 euros extra fee (in addition to the first fee, up to 12 euros per maturity).

If you also encounter personal difficulties that could impact your payment, we invite you to contact Scalapay customer service directly by clicking on the link opposite: Fill in the form.  

What is the due date of my 3 monthly payments?

The first monthly payment is a down payment (equal to one third of the total value of the purchase) which will be debited immediately upon validation of your shopping cart.

The remaining 2 monthly instalments will be deducted within 2 months.

  • First monthly payment: at the time of purchase Second monthly payment: 1 month from the date of purchase Third and last monthly payment: 2 months from the date of purchase Each monthly payment will be automatically debited on your default card on its due date.

My payment was accepted so why does my order have an unpaid status?

The card is represented at each maturity, which implies that your bank account will have to be funded until the end of the financing.

I live in the DOM-TOM, Corsica or abroad, why can’t I pay in 3X at no cost?

Payment in 3X free of charge is only available for billing and delivery addresses located in Metropolitan France. 

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How is a refund in case of return with payment in 3X free of charge?

You must contact our Customer Service to request a refund via the contact form, or by email at [email protected]. Once your refund request has been received and validated, you will receive a refund confirmation by e-mail.

Your monthly payments already paid will be refunded directly to the card used to pay the order; while the payments will be cancelled.

We remind you that bank deadlines vary depending on the bank: you will have to wait up to 5 business days before the amount refunded on your card is available on your bank account. 

What happens to the refund in case of partial return of my order with Scalapay?

In case of partial return, the amount refunded will be deducted from the monthly payments starting from the last due date: 

They will be reduced or cancelled if they have not yet been paid.

They will automatically be partially refunded on the card used for payment if you have already paid them.

What happens to the refund in case of a total return of my order with Scalapay?

You have returned your entire order, we refund your order in full. You are no longer charged monthly. 

I made a return, but I asked for a credit note. How does that work?

If an asset has been created, the drawdown will continue to be active and will need to be paid on the due date.


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